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    IF(isnull(T.p_id), 'Root', IF( in (select p_id from tree), 'Inner', 'Leaf')) Type 
    from tree T

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    Mine is similar.. but not quite as succinct...

    select as 'Id', (if (t1.p_id is NULL, 'Root', if ((select distinct p_id from tree where = p_id) is not NULL, 'Inner', 'Leaf'))) as 'Type' from tree as t1 order by;

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    @richarddia Your solution is very helpful. Thanks!

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    Simlar one with case

      select Id,
          when p_id is null then "Root"
          when (p_id is not null and id in (select p_id from Tree)) then "Inner"
          else "Leaf"
      end as Type
      from tree

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