Does the order matter?Rejected even when I got all of them correct

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    I got rejected because:

    Input:	4
    Output: 	["()()()()","(()()())","()(()())","((()()))","(()())()","()()(())","(()(()))","()(())()","()((()))","(((())))","((()))()","()(())()","((())())","(())()()"]
    Expected:   ["(((())))","((()()))","((())())","((()))()","(()(()))","(()()())","(()())()","(())(())","(())()()","()((()))","()(()())","()(())()","()()(())","()()()()"]

    Everything (except for the order) looks fine to me? I don't think that a certain order is necessary at all.

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    Order is not the problem, actually judger does mind the order.

    Your output do not include (())(()).

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    Got it. Thank you

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    Maybe you should correct "judger does mind the order" to "judger doesn't mind the order" to make it a perfect selected answer :)

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