Test cases needed to improve to detect my wrong code

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    class Solution {
        int maxProfit(vector<int> &prices) {
    		int sz=prices.size(), ret=0, leftMin=~(1<<31), tmpMax=0, rightMax=1<<31;
    		vector<int> leftMaxProfit(sz, 0);
    		for(int i=0;i<sz;++i)
    			leftMin=min(leftMin, prices[i]);			
    			leftMaxProfit[i]=max(leftMaxProfit[i], tmpMax=max(tmpMax, prices[i]-leftMin));
    		for(int i=sz-1;i>=0;--i)
    			rightMax=max(rightMax, prices[i]);
    			ret=max(ret, leftMaxProfit[i]+rightMax-prices[i]); //this line is big wrong, but it still passed all cases
    		return ret;

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    Thanks for reporting this. Could you please give at least one example test case which your code will get Wrong Answer?

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