Why sleeping in ISR (interrupt service routine) is not recommended ?

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    Why sleeping inside interrupt service routines are discouraged ?

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    Because, If an interrupt(thread) goes to sleep. No other thread can wake that thread except for an (interrupt)thread with a greater Interrupt priority level (IPL) than the sleeping interrupt's IPL. And/or, until its sleep time expires. So, it may have to wait for a longer time or forever until this happens.

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    Interrupts usually need to be handled as fast as possible, if an ISR goes sleeping, it will be put into sleeping queue, and then put into running queue after sleeping finishes, then get CPU to run as soon as the scheduler allows it. The whole process will definitely be time-consuming.

    Also, an ISR may disable other interrupted, if the ISR goes sleeping, then no other interrupts could be handled until the ISR gets CPU to run again and then re-enables them, then kernel performance be terrible.

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    first of all the interrupt service routine, is not executed in a proper thread context, it is rather executed on top of any thread that was running when the interrupt occurred. One of the consequences is, that preemptive scheduling is not available within an ISR until the interrupt service routine is done, this is, because ISRs are designed to respond quickly to hardware activities, get data in (hopefully using lock less buffers) and leave heavier weight communication, such as transferring data into a larger buffer or dealing with higher level protocols such as IP or TCP in an interrupt service thread, which is usually a thread with definable priority. The ISR is supposed to be the tiniest possible part of code used to communicate with the hardware. Sometimes, in embedded systems for example, with some cumbersome chips, you need to wait very short and respond to the hardware. This is sometimes optimized by looping and checking a tick counter, blocking a complete core for some hundred nanoseconds. It's obviously doesn't scale very well and must be avoided.
    edited: obviously details vary very much from OS to OS, especially with RTOS ISR code is criticial

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    ISRs disable interrupts. If they are put to sleep, then the system halts.

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