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    import collections
    class Solution(object):
        def findRestaurant(self, list1, list2):
            :type list1: List[str]
            :type list2: List[str]
            :rtype: List[str]
            # make dict for both list
            d1 = {}
            for i, r in enumerate(list1):
                d1[r] = i
            d2 = {}
            for i, r in enumerate(list2):
                d2[r] = i
            # print d1, d2
            # find common list
            common = list(set(list1) & set(list2))
            # print common
            # calculate index sum and store in a dict
            d = collections.defaultdict(list)
            for r in common:
            # print d
            # output the minimum index sum ones
            res = d[min(d.keys())]
            # print res
            return res

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    Could be much better:

    def findRestaurant(self, list1, list2):
            d1 = {v: i for i, v in enumerate(list1)}
            d2 = {v: i for i, v in enumerate(list2)}
            d = collections.defaultdict(list)
            for r in set(list1) & set(list2):
                d[(d1[r] + d2[r])].append(r)
            return d[min(d.keys())]

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