Share my code using inner product = 0 when right angle

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    Basic Idea : if ABCD is a square, then A, B, C ,D are right angles, AC and BD are perpendicular.

    from operator import itemgetter
    class Solution(object):
        def isRightangle(self, v1, v2)
            return True if v1[0]*v2[0]+v1[1]*v2[1] == 0 else False 
        def ordered(self, pts):
            # ordered by x-coordinate and then by y-coordinate
            pts = sorted(pts, key=itemgetter(0,1))
            return pts
        def validSquare(self, p1, p2, p3, p4):
            :type p1: List[int]
            :type p2: List[int]
            :type p3: List[int]
            :type p4: List[int]
            :rtype: bool
            pts = [p1,p2,p3,p4]
            pts = self.ordered(pts)
            if pts[0] == pts[1] or pts[1] == pts[2]  or pts[2] == pts[3]:
                return False
            v01 = [pts[0][0]-pts[1][0],pts[0][1]-pts[1][1]]
            v02 = [pts[0][0]-pts[2][0],pts[0][1]-pts[2][1]]
            v03 = [pts[0][0]-pts[3][0],pts[0][1]-pts[3][1]]
            v12 = [pts[1][0]-pts[2][0],pts[1][1]-pts[2][1]]
            v13 = [pts[1][0]-pts[3][0],pts[1][1]-pts[3][1]]
            v23 = [pts[2][0]-pts[3][0],pts[2][1]-pts[3][1]]
            # Check all angles are right angle
            return self.isRightangle(v01,v02) and self.isRightangle(v01,v13) and self.isRightangle(v13,v23) and self.isRightangle(v23,v02) and self.isRightangle(v03,v12)

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