Beats 99.51% of python submission, O(n) time solution with comments.

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    The idea is to construct the tree from leaf node to root node rather than the other way around.

    def get_ll_len(self, head):
            count = 0
            while head is not None:
                head =
                count += 1
            return count
        def get_bst(self, n):
            if n <= 0:
                return None
            # recursively construct left subtree 
            left_node = self.get_bst(n/2)
            # construct root node
            root_node = TreeNode(self.head.val)
            # Link above constructed left subtree with root
            root_node.left = left_node
            # progress head pointer for the linked list
            self.head =
            Recursively construct the right subtree and link it with root. The number of nodes in right subtree  is total nodes - nodes in left subtree - 1 (for root) which is n-n/2-1.
            root_node.right = self.get_bst(n-n/2-1)
            return root_node
        def sortedListToBST(self, head):
            :type head: ListNode
            :rtype: TreeNode
            self.head = head
            n = self.get_ll_len(head)
            return self.get_bst(n)


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