Python, beats 94%. Thoughts?

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    def findRightInterval(self, intervals):
            :type intervals: List[Interval]
            :rtype: List[int]
            if len(intervals) == 0: return []
            highStart = -sys.maxint #Highest start point
            lowStart = sys.maxint #Lowest start point
            for i in intervals:
                highStart = max(i.start,highStart)
                lowStart = min(i.start,lowStart)
            m = highStart - lowStart + 1 
            l = [-1] * m 
            #Construct list where the value at each index is the 
            #start value of interval i.
            for i in range(len(intervals)):
                l[intervals[i].start - lowStart] = i
            res = []
            #Backfill gaps in our start index list 
            prev = l[-1]
            for i in range(len(l)-1,0,-1):
                if l[i] == -1:
                    l[i] = prev
                    prev = l[i]
            #If the interval ends outside range, return -1 
            #else return value from index list
            for i in intervals:
                res.append(-1 if i.end - lowStart >= m else l[i.end - lowStart])
            return res

    I think this will scale pretty poorly if the range (between highStart and lowStart) is too large. What do you think?

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