Python ~100ms

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    Similar to other solutions, preprocess to find the number of sentences that can fit on a row starting with each word. Also find the next starting word.
    Big speedup comes from checking how many complete sentences can fit on a row before going word by word.

    class Solution(object):
        def wordsTyping(self, sentence, rows, cols):
            sentence_len = sum(len(w) for w in sentence) + len(sentence)
            # line_fits[i] = (number of complete sentences, index of next starting word) for a row starting with sentences[i]
            line_fits = []
            for start_word_index in range(len(sentence)):
                row_length, sentences = 0, 0
                word_index = start_word_index
                while row_length + sentence_len <= cols:                # can fit next sentence in row
                    row_length += sentence_len
                    sentences += 1
                while row_length + len(sentence[word_index]) <= cols:   # can fit next word in row
                    row_length += len(sentence[word_index]) + 1         # extend row_length by word and space
                    word_index += 1                                     # move to next word
                    if word_index == len(sentence):                     # fitted last word of sentence
                        sentences += 1
                        word_index = 0
                line_fits.append((sentences, word_index))
            fits, word_index = 0, 0
            for _ in range(rows):
                sentences, next_word_index = line_fits[word_index]
                fits += sentences
                word_index = next_word_index
            return fits

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