Simple Python solution using set (runtime beats 80%)

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    The idea is to maintain a set (or hashmap) containing visited nodes. Those nodes which have already been visited are added to the set and then both heads are pointed to the next nodes in the sequence. If either of the new head (node) is already in the visited set of nodes then that head (node) is the answer. Also, if both heads happen to point to the same node then return either head (node). Here is the code:

        def getIntersectionNode(self, headA, headB):
            visited = set()
            while (headA is not headB):
                if headA:
                    if headA in visited:
                        return headA
                        headA =
                if headB:
                    if headB in visited:
                        return headB
                        headB =
            # If headA and headB are equal
            return headA

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