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    have a look at the input, ()[]{} or ([]{}) ,in every valid input, there will be at least one valid pair, either be {}, [] ,or ()

    So every time we loop through the array,get the current character, we can check current char and the peek element in stack, for example

    if the current element is ']', check the peek element in the stack, if it is ']', pop this element, else return false,

    At last, the stack is empty, means it satisfy the requirement.

    public class Solution {
        public boolean isValid(String s) {
            Stack<Character> stack = new Stack<>();
            for(int i=0;i<s.length();i++){
                    if(stack.peek()!='[') return false;
                    else if(stack.peek()=='[') stack.pop();
                else if(!stack.isEmpty()&&s.charAt(i)=='}'){
                    if(stack.peek()!='{') return false;
                    else if(stack.peek()=='{') stack.pop();
                else if(!stack.isEmpty()&&s.charAt(i)==')'){
                    if(stack.peek()!='(') return false;
                    else if(stack.peek()=='(') stack.pop();
            return stack.isEmpty();

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