AC with C++ -- traverse and sum height left right

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    AC but not the optimal solution. The trick is to calculate the sum of the maximum left height and the maximum right height for each node in the tree; thus we have to traverse the tree also.

    int diameterOfBinaryTree(TreeNode* root) {
            int path = 0;
            traverseTree(root, path);
            return path;
        void traverseTree(TreeNode* root, int& pathMax) {
            if (!root) return;
            if (!root->left && !root->right) return;
            pathMax = max(pathMax, diameterOfNode(root));
            traverseTree(root->left, pathMax);    
            traverseTree(root->right, pathMax);
        int diameterOfNode(TreeNode* node) {
            return maxHeight(node->left) + maxHeight(node->right); 
        int maxHeight(TreeNode* node) {
            if (!node) return 0;
            return 1 + max(maxHeight(node->left),maxHeight(node->right));

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