Clean and easy to understand solution (Python)

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    class Solution(object):
        def longestPalindrome(self, s):
            :type s: str
            :rtype: str
            result = ''
            if s is None:
            	return result
            for i in range(len(s)):
                max_sub_pal_this = self.max_palin(s, i, i)
                max_sub_pal_that = self.max_palin(s, i, i+1)
                if len(result) < len(max_sub_pal_this):
                    result = max_sub_pal_this
                if len(result) < len(max_sub_pal_that):
                    result = max_sub_pal_that
            return result
        def max_palin(self, s, ind1, ind2):
            low, high = None, None
            while ind1 >=0 and ind2 < len(s) and s[ind1] == s[ind2]:
                low, high = ind1, ind2
                ind1 = ind1-1
                ind2 = ind2+1
            return s[low:high+1] if low is not None and high is not None else ""

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