13ms C++ with DFS

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    class Solution {
    int findBottomLeftValue(TreeNode* root) {
    pair<int,int> result = make_pair(0,root->val);
    digTree(root, 0, result);
    return result.second;

    void digTree(TreeNode* root, int height, pair<int, int>& result) {
        if (!root) return;
        if (!root->left && !root->right) return;
        if (root->left && !root->left->left && !root->left->right){ //get to the left leaf
            if (height+1 > result.first) {
            result.first = height+1;
            result.second = root->left->val;
        if (!root->left && !root->right->left && !root->right->right){
            if (height+1 > result.first){
                result.first = height+1;
                result.second = root->right->val;
        digTree(root->left, height+1, result);
        digTree(root->right, height+1, result);

    This method uses DFS, the result will contain the max height and the value. We dig into the tree until meet a leaf. If the height is bigger then we replace the result with new one.

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