Wrong Test Case?

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    Is it a wrong test case?

    I've got a wrong answer as below:


    {"headers": ["survey_log"], "values": [[369]]}
    {"headers": ["survey_log"], "values": [[285]]}

    However, according to the input data, the table is like this:

    uid action question_id answer_id q_num timestamp
    5 show 285 1 1
    5 show 285 1 2
    5 answer 369 123 2 3
    5 skip 369 2 4

    So, I think the correct answer should be '369' since its rate is 1/2 = 0.5. For questions '285', the rate is 0 since no one actually answered this question.

    So could any one can explain?

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    @Mr.Bin I see the problem is the definition of 'answer rate', but the expected answer is even not what is supposed according to the problem description.
    answer rate = count(answer) / count(show)

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    I have the same error for this test case. I agree you that it is the question of definition of the answer rate. My understanding is count(answer)/(count(answer)+count(skip)). I think the description should be more clear.

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    Update: I saw the definition of answer rate. But it still cannot clear my concern on this case.

    #285 answer rate = 0/2
    #369 answer rate = 1/0

    Besides, it is very weird that problem 369 has no 'show' but a 'answer' record.

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