Java recursive O(N) clean solution

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    Simple and clean implementation time: O(N) space O(N)

    1. Store mapping from parent to child
    2. Kill current process and all child
        public List<Integer> killProcess(List<Integer> pid, List<Integer> ppid, int kill) {
            Map<Integer, List<Integer>> parentToChild = new HashMap<>();
            for(int i = 0; i < pid.size(); i ++){
                if(!parentToChild.containsKey(ppid.get(i))) {
                    parentToChild.put(ppid.get(i), new ArrayList<>());
            List<Integer> killedProcesses = new ArrayList<>();
            kill(parentToChild, kill, killedProcesses);
            return killedProcesses;
        private void kill(Map<Integer, List<Integer>> parentToChild, int processToKill,
                          List<Integer> killedProcesses){
            if(parentToChild.get(processToKill) != null) {
                for (Integer childProcess : parentToChild.get(processToKill)) {
                    kill(parentToChild, childProcess, killedProcesses);

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