[IMPORTANT NOTICE] Cheating Announcement Update

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    You will get disqualified from the contest and banned for three weeks on your first offense, and get banned permanently on your second offense.

    During LeetCode Weekly Contest 31, we caught the following users who cheated. We omitted the middle part of their names but you know who you are! Also, the following users' contest results had been disqualified and their accounts were banned for three weeks effective from now. We take cheating very seriously! If we catch you cheating again your account will be banned permanently.


    Since the LeetCode Team started organizing contest half year ago, our goal is to provide a fair and unbiased platform for everyone to showcase their coding and algorithmic ability. Not only does cheating undermine the spirit of a fair contest, but it works to diminish the fun and enjoyment of others. We will continue to monitor cheating behavior, as well as take action as needed to preserve the integrity of contest.

    We sincerely hope that each of you -- an honest, trustworthy individual with integrity can enjoy and participate in a fair and unbiased contest. If you suspect any other users cheating or if you have any good ideas or suggestions, please drop us an e-mail at: support@leetcode.com.

    Enjoy the following weekly contests! :)


    LeetCode Team

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    @1337c0d3r How do you know when one is cheating? If 2 people have same code, who will be the cheater? Whoever posted the code last?

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    @dragonballzbigbang I think both are considered cheaters. If there is overwhelming evidence of collaboration, then both parties are at fault.

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    @dragonballzbigbang Yes. It doesn't matter who copy who. Both are at fault.

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    What if two codes are slightly different, like same algorithm with just some different variable names?

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    @gpanda Most tools like Moss(Stanford) can easily detect the plagiarism if just the variable names are changed or random whitespaces/comments are added. They check against the structure and tokens of the program.

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    I know some ACM players are super good and some people are talented in algorithms but I still doubt most of those people who only take 20 min to finish all the questions.
    During the contest, you can do what you want, lots of problems can be googled to get the answer. It is almost impossible to check it.

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    The problems in the contest are normally small algorithm problems, lots of people will use the same structure of code. It is almost impossible to tell if there is any plagiarism for simple problems. I guess those people mentioned above copied more than one problems including the hard one.

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    Even I agree that sometimes the code posted can be exactly same with just one or two different variable names, especially if the problems are from easy category.
    For instance, take binary search. It's possible that a lot of people will have the same structure, and can even have the same variable names, low mid and high.

    Losing leetcode account when the user has considerable progress on his account can be really damaging to his end goals. IMHO, to avoid false positives, and if the user has a good progress on his/her leetcode account, it would be nice to ban them from attempting the contest instead of banning the whole account.

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    @jaqenhgar We looked at each detected plagiarism case manually and established beyond a reasonable doubt, that the user indeed cheated before finally deciding banning a user.

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    the cloud platform is so terrible that I wait for over 5 minutes to enter the contest page..............the progressive arrow is spinning all the time...

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    @Andrewli Hi, we have root caused the issue and it had been fixed. This week's contest load times should be much smoother.

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