Resursive python

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    class Solution(object):
    def letterCombinations(self, digits):
    :type digits: str
    :rtype: List[str]
    if len(digits) == 0: return []

        def getresult(digits):
          if len(digits) == 0:
            return []
          if len(digits) == 1:
            return [d for d in mapping[digits[0]]]
          prevresults = get(digits[:len(digits)-1])
          result = []
          for v in mapping[digits[-1]]:
            for prevresult in prevresults:
          return result
        mapping = {'2':['a','b','c'], '3':['d','e','f'], '4':['g','h','i'], '5':['j','k','l'], '6':['m','n','o'], '7':['p','q','r','s'], '8':['t','u','v'], '9':['w','x','y','z']}
        return getresult(digits)

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