I really have no idea what's wrong

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    UndirectedGraphNode *cloneGraph(UndirectedGraphNode *node) {
        unordered_map<int, int> aux;
        //vector<UndirectedGraphNode*> q;
        if(!node) return NULL;
        UndirectedGraphNode* res = new UndirectedGraphNode(node->label);
        aux[res->label] = 1;
        helper(node, res, &aux);
        return res;
    void helper(UndirectedGraphNode* old, 
                UndirectedGraphNode* cp, unordered_map<int, int>* aux) {
        for (auto nb: old->neighbors) {
           UndirectedGraphNode * cur = new UndirectedGraphNode(nb->label);
            if(aux->find(nb->label) == aux->end()) {
               (*aux)[nb->label] = 1;
               helper (nb, cur, aux);

    test case {0,0,0} , my output is {0,0,0#0#0}

    could anybody help me, Thank you very much

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