6ms Java Solution - Easy to Understand

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    Perform DFS which goes down left to right through the tree. Therefore first leaf node encountered at the max depth of the tree will be the solution.

    int globalRes;
    int globalDepth = -1;
    public int findBottomLeftValue(TreeNode root) {
        return globalRes;
    public void findLeftValueUtil(TreeNode node, int depth){
        if(node == null){
        //perform DFS
        findLeftValueUtil(node.left, depth+1);
        findLeftValueUtil(node.right, depth+1);
        //if we are at a leaf node, update result if greater than max depth
        if(node.left == null && node.right == null){
            if(depth > globalDepth){
                globalDepth = depth;
                globalRes = node.val;

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