JS: Solution does not match expected output

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    I'm a little confused by this output:

    For the test case "[1,2,3,8,8]" in problem 491 (Increasing Subsequence), LeetCode marked my solution as "wrong answer" as my output did not match the expected one:

    My output: [[1,2,3,8,8],[2,3,8,8],[3,8,8],[8,8],[3,8],[2,8,8],[2,8],[2,3,8],[2,3],[1,3,8,8],[1,8,8],[1,8],[1,3,8],[1,3],[1,2,8,8],[1,2,8],[1,2],[1,2,3,8],[1,2,3]]

    Expected: [[1,2],[2,3],[1,2,3],[1,3],[3,8],[2,3,8],[1,2,3,8],[1,3,8],[2,8],[1,2,8],[1,8],[8,8],[3,8,8],[2,3,8,8],[1,2,3,8,8],[1,3,8,8],[2,8,8],[1,2,8,8],[1,8,8]]

    Is the ordering of my output expected to match LeetCode's solution? I double checked the two outputs, and they look like they contain the same subsequences.

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