Cheat solution beats 99%

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    I used a tricky solution, which is unstable, but beat 99%.
    Change values to a randomized number and if the value occurs a second time, it means a loop.
    The potential error is you choose a number which already exists in a list, by choosing a randomized number from a wider range, you can minimize this probability.

    class Solution(object):
        def hasCycle(self, head):
            while head:
                if head.val == 31415926:
                    return True
                head.val = 31415926
                head =
            return False

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    这个好像是面包屑方法。在深林里迷了路,在路上丢面包屑做标记,当再次看到面包屑时说明自己又绕回来了 haha

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