286ms Python Solution

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    Use the method in Manacher Algorithm which add '#' character in the string to handle both of odd and even lengths .

    class Solution:
    # @return a boolean
    def isPalindrome(self, x):
        s = str(x).strip()
        T = '#'
        for i in range(0,len(s)):
            T += s[i] + '#'
        n = len(T)/2 -1
        p = len(T)/2 +1
        while n != 0:
            if T[n] == T[p]:
                n -=1
                p +=1
                return False
        return True

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    Though the judge accepts this solution - Note the restriction on not using extra space . Well , I made a very similar mistake of casting the int to a string and using the addressability of the string. I guess the point of this exercise is to find if they are a palindrome without exploiting the addressability of a string.

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