KSum problem

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    Given a sorted array and K number of elements that sum to given N. write the code using twoSum given.

    The solution for this is given in this article http://lifexplorer.me/leetcode-3sum-4sum-and-k-sum/
    I am using this as the reference and I don't have any contribution to it, I am learning from it.

    In the second solution, we keep decrementing K-1 up to K=2 and then compute twoSum function.
    Now my question is, we need to find K elements any where in the array.
    a) Last two elements will be located anywhere in the array, but the first K-2 elements will be in the same sequence right ?.
    How is this solution working?.

    I am not able to understand how this is working, Could some one please explain ?

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