c++ easy solution

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    class Solution {
        int maxmin;
        int minmin;
        int toMin(const string& tp) {
            int del = tp.find(':');
            int hour = atoi(tp.substr(0,del).c_str());
            int min = atoi(tp.substr(del+1).c_str());
            return hour*60+min;
        int diff(int ntp1, int ntp2) {
            int nbigger=max(ntp1,ntp2);
            int nsmaller=min(ntp1,ntp2);
            int diff1=nbigger-nsmaller;
            int diff2=maxmin-nbigger+1+nsmaller-minmin;
            return min(diff1,diff2);        
        bool toUMap(const vector<string>& timePoints, unordered_map<string,int>& m) {
            for (auto i=0; i<timePoints.size(); ++i) {
                if (m.count(timePoints[i])>0) return false;
            return true;
        Solution() {
        int findMinDifference(vector<string>& timePoints) {
            int ret=INT_MAX;
            unordered_map<string,int> m;
            if (!toUMap(timePoints,m)) return 0; // there are same time points, minimum diff is 0
            for (auto i=0; i<timePoints.size(); ++i) {
                for (auto j=i+1; j<timePoints.size(); ++j) {
                    int d=diff(m[timePoints[i]],m[timePoints[j]]);
                    if (d<ret) ret=d;
                    if (ret==1) return 1; // minimum diff is 1, no need to continue the loop
            return ret;

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