Past passed solution now TLE

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    This solution has passed on OJ before, but now I get TLE. Did OJ change the run time requirement?

    # Write your MySQL query statement below
    select t2.Name as Department, t1.Name as Employee, t1.Salary
        (select a.Id, max(a.Name) as Name, max(a.Salary) as Salary, a.DepartmentId 
            Employee a
        left outer join
            Employee b
        on a.DepartmentId = b.DepartmentId and a.Salary<b.Salary
        group by a.Id, a.DepartmentID
        having count(distinct b.Salary)<=2
        Department t2
    on t1.DepartmentID=t2.Id
    order by t2.Name, t1.Salary desc;

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