python solution, O(KN) in time, O(N) in space

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    it beats 90% in python, it inpired by @weijiac.

    def maxProfit(self, k, prices):
        if k <= 0 or len(prices) < 2: return 0
        max_profit, length = 0, len(prices)
        if k >= length//2:
            for i in xrange(1,length):
                max_profit += max(prices[i]-prices[i-1],0)
            return max_profit
        release = [0]*k
        hold = [float('-inf')]*k
        for i in prices:
            for j in range(k-1, 0, -1):
                release[j] = max(release[j], hold[j] + i)
                hold[j] = max(hold[j], release[j-1] - i)
            release[0] = max(release[0], hold[0] + i)
            hold[0] = max(hold[0], -i)
        return release[-1]

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    a little explanation of what is hold, what is release would help

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