Simple python code

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    class Solution:
        # @param S, a list of integer
        # @return a list of lists of integer
        def subsets(self, S):
        	if S == []:
        		return []
            S.sort() #sort the array to avoid descending list of int
            for element in S:
            	temp = []
            	for ans in res:
            		 #append the new int to each existing list
            	res += temp
            return res

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    Really nice and concise! Would be better if the idea is explained a little bit.

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    I've done the same, thank your for sharing you solution!
    Here is same solution in Ruby (mb it will be usefull for someone).

    return [] if nums.empty?
    arr = nums.sort
    result = [[]]
    #go through numbers in **arr** to combine these with digits from **result** array
    arr.each do |arr_item|
        #temp stores combination of current arr_item with items from **result** array
        temp = [] 
        result.each do |result_item|
            temp << [arr_item, result_item].flatten.sort
               result += temp 
    return result

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