Easy to understand Java solution using stream()

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    public class Solution {
        public String frequencySort(String s) {
            //Collect the characters with their frequency into a map
            Map<Character, Integer> map = new HashMap<>();
            for(char ch : s.toCharArray()) 
                map.put(ch, map.getOrDefault(ch, 0) + 1);
            //Sort the map by value(frequency) 
            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
                .forEach(a -> collect(a,sb));
            return sb.toString();
        //Store the key(character) and its value(frequency) into the given StringBuilder
        private void collect(Map.Entry<Character, Integer> entry, StringBuilder sb) {
            int count = entry.getValue();
            Character ch = entry.getKey();
            while(count-- > 0) sb.append(ch);

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