How to change this to supprot Level Order Traversal II

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    The following is easy to understand.
    And get a 60ms run time for Traversal quesiton I
    When it comes to Traversal II, I simply reverse the self.l1 before return. which is not efficient.
    Any suggestions??

    class Solution:
    # @param root, a tree node
    # @return a list of lists of integers
    def init(self):
    self.l1 = []

    def levelOrder(self, root):
        return self.l1
    def helper(self,root,depth):
        if root is None: return None
        if len(self.l1)==depth: self.l1.append([root.val])
        else: self.l1[depth].append(root.val)

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    instead using the append function, try insert function, which can insert into any position.

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