Simple Python O(n) algorithm

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    Here's a simple python code for this question:

    class Solution(object):
        def maxSubArray(self, nums):
            :type nums: List[int]
            :rtype: int
            if len(nums) == 0:
            minSofar = min(nums[0], 0)
            maxSofar = nums[0]
            cumsum = nums[0]
            for i in range(1, len(nums)):
                cumsum += nums[i]
                maxSofar = max(maxSofar, cumsum - minSofar)
                minSofar = min(minSofar, cumsum)

    Basically, we are scanning the list and maintain the minimum cumsum that we have seen, and constantly update the max cumsum - the min cumsum occured before to compute the max sum for subarrays.

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