Python Simple BFS. Tracking compounds for chains

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    Keep weights along with edges to do a BFS for each "node" (variable). Keep track of compounding weights for chained equations.

        def calcEquation(self, equations, values, queries):
            edges, paths, weights, res = collections.defaultdict(list), {}, {}, []
            for i, e in enumerate(equations): # Generating Graph with "weights"
                weights[(e[0], e[1])] = values[i]
                weights[(e[1], e[0])] = 1.0/values[i]
            for e in edges:
                paths[(e,e)] = 1.0 # path to self = 1.0
                queue = collections.deque([(e,1.0)])
                while queue:
                    nxt, c = queue.popleft()
                    for v in edges[nxt]:
                        if (e, v) not in paths: # enqueue node only if it hasn't been visited yet
                            comp = c * weights[(nxt,v)]
                            paths[(e,v)] = comp 
                            queue.append((v, comp))
            for q in queries:
                res.append(paths.get((q[0], q[1]), -1.0))
            return res

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