Simple Java Solution -- without Global Variable

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    To avoid using global variable, you can take use of size-1 array or any other objects.

    public int findTilt(TreeNode root) {
        int[] ret = new int[1];
        helper(root, ret);
        return ret[0];
    private int helper(TreeNode node, int[] ret){
        if(node == null){
            return 0;
        int l_sum = helper(node.left, ret);
        int r_sum = helper(node.right, ret);
        ret[0] += Math.abs(l_sum - r_sum);
        return l_sum + r_sum + node.val

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    Why not normal variable ?
    Normal variable will be stored into stack, and array (using new operator) in Heap memory,?

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    If using normal variable, you need to figure out how to update that variable globally among all recursive functions because of the property of call by value.

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    I was using a normal variable, and the results is wrong. Thanks for your explanation.

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