Why my code doesn't work

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    I am using the following code to solve this problem

            ans = list()
            pcnt = collections.Counter(p)
            for i in range(len(s)):
                if collections.Counter(s[i:i+len(p)]) == pcnt:
            return ans

    It gives me time exceeded error. However the following code works fine:

            ls, lp = len(s), len(p)
            cp = collections.Counter(p)
            cs = collections.Counter()
            ans = []
            for i in range(ls):
                cs[s[i]] += 1
                if i >= lp:
                    cs[s[i - lp]] -= 1
                    if cs[s[i - lp]] == 0:
                        del cs[s[i - lp]]
                if cs == cp:
                    ans.append(i - lp + 1)
            return ans

    Can anyone help me by explaining why using a Counter in the first solution doesn't work but in the second solution works?

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