Python DFS, remove the leaf

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    class Solution(object):
        def findLeaves(self, root):
            :type root: TreeNode
            :rtype: List[List[int]]
            def dfs(node, parent, label, res):
                if node:
                    leaf = False
                    if not node.left and not node.right:
                        leaf = True
                    dfs(node.left, node, "left", res)
                    dfs(node.right, node, "right", res)
                    if leaf:
                        if label == "left": parent.left = None
                        if label == "right": parent.right = None
            finalres = []
            while root:
                if not root.left and not root.right:
                res = []
                dfs(root, None, None, res)
            return finalres

    The idea is quite simple: for each traversal, save all the values of leaves and remove them.

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