TLE in Java but Accepted in C++?

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    Hi All,

    I submit my code in java but I got a TLE and I submit the same algorithm in C++ and I got accepted, so anyone has some idea about it?

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    Could you please edit your question and paste both of your C++ and Java code, so we can take a look at it?

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    I wrote in python, same problem as yours.

    class Solution:
        # @return a boolean
        def isMatch(self, s, p):
            return self.helpMatch(s,p,0,0)
        def helpMatch(self,s,p,sp,pp):
            if pp==len(p) and sp==len(s):
                return True
            if pp>=len(p) or sp>=len(s):
                return False
            if pp==len(p)-1 or p[pp+1]!='*':
                if p[pp]=='.' or s[sp]==p[pp]:
                    return self.helpMatch(s,p,sp+1,pp+1)
                    return False
                while (sp)<len(s) and (p[pp]=='.' or s[sp]==p[pp]):
                    if self.helpMatch(s,p,sp,pp+2):
                        return True
                return self.helpMatch(s,p,sp,pp+2)

    I think the algorithm is pretty much the same as the c++ ones here But TLE in python.

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