A short and fastest solution in C++

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    In order to solve the problem we need to have a in-order traversal on the tree so that we can return the smallest val and then the second smallest, the third smallest...
    We can implement in-order traversal in a recursive way, but using stack we can write a better one. First of all, push the root, root->left, root->left->left, .... into the stack. For each time we pop a node, just check its right child, if it has a right child, push the right-child, right-child->left, right-child->left->left, .... Similar idea to
    ChuntaoLu, pavel-shlyk and scott's.

    class BSTIterator {
        BSTIterator(TreeNode *root) {
            sta = stack<TreeNode*>();
            for(TreeNode *cur=root; cur; cur=cur->left) {
        /** @return whether we have a next smallest number */
        bool hasNext() {
            return !sta.empty();
        /** @return the next smallest number */
        int next() {
            TreeNode *cur = sta.top();
            for(TreeNode *i=cur->right; i; i=i->left) {
            return cur->val;
        stack<TreeNode*> sta;

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