Can you partition a string at ANY index at ANY time in producing a scramble?

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    The example shows the case where left child ALWAYS has equal or one-less characters than right child. But since "abb" is a scramble of "bab", as suggested by a test case, strings are not always partitioned in the way as the example implies.

    However, if the answer is Yes, I think scrambles just become permutations. Isn't it?

    So I am so confused what is expected...


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    For instance, ABCDE. There exists no scramble like CAEBD under the given operations.

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    Hi, I'm also confused. I just wonder if scramble has transitivity.
    Since ABCDE => BACDE => BCADE => CABDE => CAEBD.
    By the way, it says we can do the swap any times.

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    This is very important to understand the difference to come up with a solution for this problem.
    you can not generate all the permutations of s1 with only branch and swap of the branches.

    Permutation is like a grammar which is able to generate all the combinations while the branch and swap is like a push-down automata. The set of output strings will not be equal.

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    you can not swap 'C' and 'A'

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    swap AB with C => CABDE, swap BD with E=>CAEBD

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    It will be much clear if the problem could describe how we can partition a String with an odd length.
    Inferring from the example, I arrived at the wrong under assumption that length of the left child can not be greater than that of its sibling, right child.

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    when you swap AB with C then you can't swap BD with E . you can draw a tree on the paper ..

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    Wow, two amazing names: grammar and push-down automata.

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    The question's description is really confusing and insufficient. Someone please improve it.

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    The key point is that you can build the BST only once.

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