Log(n) submission fail(C#)

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    Here is my solution.

    public class Solution {
        public int MySqrt(int x) {
            if(x==0||x==1) return x;
            if(x<0) return -1;
            int lowerLimit =1;
            int upperLimit=x/2;
            int guess =0;
            int count = 0; //To keep track of how many times the while loop executes
                guess = lowerLimit+(upperLimit-lowerLimit)/2;
                Console.WriteLine("Count:{0};Range:{1}-{2}; Guess:{3}",++count,lowerLimit,upperLimit,guess);
                if(guess==x/guess) return guess;
                //Too high
                else if (guess>(x/guess)) 
                    upperLimit = guess-1;
                //Too low
                    lowerLimit = guess+1;
            return guess;

    It exceeds the test limit for test case = 1579205274

    When I tried to run it as a custom testcase, here is my stdout:

    Count:1;Range:1-789602637; Guess:394801319
    Count:2;Range:1-394801318; Guess:197400659
    Count:3;Range:1-197400658; Guess:98700329
    Count:4;Range:1-98700328; Guess:49350164
    Count:5;Range:1-49350163; Guess:24675082
    Count:6;Range:1-24675081; Guess:12337541
    Count:7;Range:1-12337540; Guess:6168770
    Count:8;Range:1-6168769; Guess:3084385
    Count:9;Range:1-3084384; Guess:1542192
    Count:10;Range:1-1542191; Guess:771096
    Count:11;Range:1-771095; Guess:385548
    Count:12;Range:1-385547; Guess:192774
    Count:13;Range:1-192773; Guess:96387
    Count:14;Range:1-96386; Guess:48193
    Count:15;Range:1-48192; Guess:24096
    Count:16;Range:24097-48192; Guess:36144
    Count:17;Range:36145-48192; Guess:42168
    Count:18;Range:36145-42167; Guess:39156
    Count:19;Range:39157-42167; Guess:40662
    Count:20;Range:39157-40661; Guess:39909
    Count:21;Range:39157-39908; Guess:39532
    Count:22;Range:39533-39908; Guess:39720
    Count:23;Range:39721-39908; Guess:39814
    Count:24;Range:39721-39813; Guess:39767
    Count:25;Range:39721-39766; Guess:39743
    Count:26;Range:39721-39742; Guess:39731
    Count:27;Range:39732-39742; Guess:39737
    Count:28;Range:39738-39742; Guess:39740
    Count:29;Range:39738-39739; Guess:39738
    Count:30;Range:39739-39739; Guess:39739

    My answer matches the expected output and runs in 49 ms.

    Why is this still failing?

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