Have no idea about the Memory Limit Exceeded problem. Can somebody help me to get out??

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    struct Node {
    int val;
    Node *next;
    Node (int x, Node *n = NULL): val (x), next (n) {};


    class MinStack {

    private :
    Node *head;
    int min;

    public :
    MinStack () {head = NULL;}

    ~MinStack () {
        Node *p = head;
        Node *q;
        while (p != NULL) {
            q = p;
            p = p -> next;
            delete q;
        head = NULL;
    void push (int x) {
        Node *p = new Node (x, head);
        if (head == NULL || x < min)
            min = x;
        head = p;
    void pop () {
        Node *p = head;
        head = head -> next;
        delete p;
    int top () {
        return head -> val;
    int getMin () {
        return min;


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    It seems that you didn't have your member variable "min" initialized in the constructor...

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    Yeah, but actually it is no problem as it can be set a value when "push" is called.
    And I don't think this has some problem with the MLE.

    Actually I found that this algorithm is wrong. I should not use min as an int but should use it as a stack. Because when pop is called maybe the minimum element is been poped. That is my fault anyway.

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