I don't think existing algorithm libraries in C++ or Java could be used directly in the resolution of algorithm problems

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    Many of you use existing libraries such as list, HashMap, unorder map, and announce your code is a O(1) resolution.

    1. What will you do if the language is standard C which doesn't have these classes to handle the hash,map, link?
    2. How do you think the 'find' operation in the HashMap/unorder map is O(1) in worst case ? -- so your resolution based on them is also O(1)?

    The basic is, you can't use an algorithm implemented in c++ STL or in java package to resolve the algorithm problem.

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    @Maggie2011 why not? of course you can always go and implement your own data structs like HT or LL but you need to spend a lot of effort to get where STL/CF is.

    Worst run-time is often not optimized for because the average is more important in many applications. Often you have a better average if you accept worst case behavior that's not optimal but statistically extremely rare. So, they usually imply O of average case and not O of worst case. Its good to be aware that's not the same, totally agree with you.

    btw in some hard real-time scenarios they optimize for worst case and accept worse average case due to the need for a deterministic behavior.

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