Python BFS solution using 2 queues for source and destination

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    Simply perform BFS for a original graph, while using hashmap visited to avoid revisit the same node.
    While performing BFS we use a queue to manage each level.
    In the same manner, we create a queue for cloned graph and every time we pop the value from original queue, we put it back to destination queue.

    class Solution:
        # @param node, a undirected graph node
        # @return a undirected graph node
        def cloneGraph(self, node):
            if not node:
                return None
            visited = {} # store visited label
            queue = [node] # queue for original BFS
            res = UndirectedGraphNode(0) # start point of cloned graph
            cloneQueue = [res] # queue for cloned graph BFS
            while queue:
                qlen = len(queue)
                for i in range(qlen):
                    source = queue[0]
                    destination = cloneQueue[0]
                    destination.label = source.label # copy the label value from source to destination
                    for neighbor in source.neighbors:
                        if neighbor.label not in visited:
                            visited[neighbor.label] = True
                            cloneQueue.append(destination.neighbors[-1]) # push the cloned neighbor
            return res

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