What is wrong of my JavaScript code?

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    I tried to use traverse to solve the problem.
    var depth = 0;

    function depthHelper(curt, curtDepth){
    if(curt === null){
    depth = Math.max(depth, curtDepth);
    depthHelper(curt.left, curtDepth + 1);
    depthHelper(curt.right, curtDepth + 1);

    var maxDepth = function(root) {
    if(root === null){
    return 0;
    depthHelper(root, 1);
    return depth;
    I can not pass the test case [0,0,0,0,null,null,0,null,null,null,0] when I submit, but I tried it in Custom Testcase it is correct. What's wrong with it?

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