Accepted Simple Java soln based on Priority Queue

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    public ListNode mergeKLists(ListNode[] lists) {
            ListNode res = null;
            if(lists.length == 0) return res;
            // Create a min Heap and put all the head node of all lists
            PriorityQueue<ListNode> heap = new PriorityQueue(new Comparator<ListNode>(){
                public int compare(ListNode a, ListNode b){
                    return a.val - b.val;
            for(ListNode list : lists){
                if(list != null) heap.add(list);
            ListNode x = null;
            // keep plucking out the min from heap, add it to the result and then put the next element
            // from the same list whose element was removed.
                ListNode min = heap.remove();
                if( != null) heap.add(;
                if(res == null) {
                    x = new ListNode(min.val);
                    res = x;
           = new ListNode(min.val);
                    x =;
            return res;

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