Java PURE bottom-up recursive solution without "while or for" loop

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    The idea is to add a dummy head to divide into segments of k nodes.
    First segment looks like D->1->2->3->...->k
    2nd segment looks like k->k+1->k+2->k+3->...->k+k
    The helper function returns null if the segment has less than k nodes.
    Or, returns the kth node as the new head node for the reversing order.
    Also, during bottom-up, we need to reverse the pointer if the return is not null.
    In order to do the reversal, a variable node is used to store the next node of the current node.

    public class Solution {
        ListNode helper(ListNode head, ListNode cur, int k, int idx) {
            ListNode node = null;
            if (cur==null) return null; // less than k nodes
            if (idx==0) { // end of one segment
                node = helper(cur,, k, k-1); // go to the next segment
       = node == null? : node; // connect the head node to the next segment
                return cur; // return the kth node as the new head
            node =; // store the next node
            ListNode ret = helper(head, node, k, idx-1); // find next node in this segment
            if (ret != null ) { // found a full k-node segment
                if (node != null) = cur; // reverse the connection
                return ret; // return the new head node
            return null; // found a segment less than k nodes
        public ListNode reverseKGroup(ListNode head, int k) {
            if (k<=1 || head == null) return head;
            ListNode dummy = new ListNode(0);
   = head;
            ListNode ret = helper(dummy, head, k, k-1);
            return ret == null? head : ret;

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