Solution by temporarily adding parent property

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    We setup a "parent" property to every node (using a Symbol to avoid any conflict).
    Then, starting from the left most node, we redefine its left and right children using its parent.
    This is the most intuitive solution I found, which is totally legit using JavaScript.

    var parent = Symbol('parent'); 
    var upsideDownBinaryTree = function(root) {
        if (!root) { return root; }
        let node = getLeftMost(root);
        return node;
    function getLeftMost(node) {
        if (!node || !node.left) { return node; }
        return getLeftMost(node.left);
    function rotate(node, parent) {
        if (!node) { return node; }
        node.left = node[parent] ? node[parent].right : null;
        node.right = rotate(node[parent]);
        return node;
    function addParents(root, p=null) {
        if (!node) { return; }
        node[parent] = p;
        addParents(node.left, root);
        addParents(node.right, root);
    function cleanParents(node) {
        if (!node) { return; }
        delete node[parent];

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