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      public  static int findNthDigit(int n) {
            int digit = 1;//digit level, we start at one digit.
            long counts = 9;//the number counts of current digit level,we start at one digit,there are 9 numbers(1-9)which is at one digit.
             * number [1-9] (there are 9 numbers)is of one digit,number[10-99](there are 90 numbers) is
             * of two digits,number[100-999](there are 900 numbers) is of three digits,so first we should
             * find what level(i mean which digits(one digit,two digit or so on)  by level) the nth digit locate,
             * once we find the digit level, we achieve half the process,
             *if n - digit * counts > 0,it means the nth digit is not at the current digit level,we should
             * increase digit level to pass more number
            while (n - digit * counts > 0) {
                //every time we pass the number at current digit level
                n -= digit * counts;
                //counts are grow as follows,9,90,900,9000.....since the counts maybe overflow so i use long type
                counts *= 10;
            //after loop,the n means nth digits from the current baseNumber
            //the base number is 1,10,100,1000,10000 and so on.
            int baseNumber = (int)Math.pow(10, digit - 1);
            //find the number where nth digit locate
            int number  = (n -1) / digit + baseNumber;
            //find the digit where nth digit locate at the number above
            int mod = (n - 1 ) % digit;
            return String.valueOf(number).charAt(mod) - '0';

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