Python solution Preorder + Postorder Traversal

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    The solution is using preorder + postorder traversal.

    1. Define two variables left_border and right_border
    2. If current node is left_border or a leaf node we do preorder traversal directly add the node to the result.
    3. If current node is right_border, we do postorder traversal and add this node after process left and right child nodes.
    4. One special situation is when current node is left_border [right_border] but it doesn't have left [right] child, then its right [left] child becomes left [right] border.
    class Solution(object):
        def boundaryOfBinaryTree(self, root):
            def dfs(root, left_border, right_border):
                if not root: return
                if left_border or not right_border and not (root.left or root.right):
                dfs(root.left, left_border, right_border and not root.right)
                dfs(root.right, left_border and not root.left, right_border)
                if right_border:
            res = root and [root.val] or []
            dfs(root and root.left, True, False)
            dfs(root and root.right, False, True)
            return res

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