c solution, sort and compare

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    #include <string.h>
    static int cmp(void *a, void *b) {
    	int res = strlen(*(char**)b) - strlen(*(char**)a);
    	return res == 0 ? strcmp(*(char**)a, *(char**)b) : res;
    static int findOneWord(char *s, char *d) {
    	for (; *s && *d; s++)
    		if (*s ==  *d)
    	return !*d;
    char* findLongestWord(char* s, char** d, int dSize) {
    	qsort(d, dSize, sizeof(char**), cmp);
    	for (; *d; d++)
    		if (findOneWord(s, *d))
    			return *d;
    	return ""; 

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