Golang solution (12ms) - Post order traversal

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    At every node, calculate two things

    • The height of the subtree rooted at that node
    • The max path encountered so far in the subtree rooted at that node
    func diameterOfBinaryTree(root *TreeNode) int {
        _, max := diameterHelper(root)
        return max
    func diameterHelper(node *TreeNode) (int, int) {
        if node == nil {return 0, 0}
        left, leftMax := diameterHelper(node.Left)
        right, rightMax:= diameterHelper(node.Right)
        return max(left, right) + 1, max(left + right, max(leftMax, rightMax))
    func max(x, y int) int {if x > y {return x}; return y}

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